Panga Customer Journey



Let us custom build a boat for you

At Panga Boats USA our whole purpose is to custom build a boat for you. You can design a boat however you want it and we then produce it, allowing you to have the boat of your dreams.

When you first visit Panga Boats USA we will take you on a tour so you can see what it is that we do and view the boats in production.

Once you decide that you want to build a panga we will walk you through the design process. We start with a base hull, exactly as it comes from Yamaha, then we discuss all of the different options. At the end of this step our goal is to have shown you how this base boat can be changed and adapted to suit your wants or purpose.

We would then like to take you out on the water for a demo. Here you can drive the boat yourself and experience first hand the true panga performance.

The next step is to spec. out the boat to your exact liking. Our years of boat building experience and extensive galleries of previous customer’s boat will aid you in making your decision. We are here to help, guide, and assist you through every step. After all, our ultimate goal is to build you the perfect boat for your needs!

Once you finalize the design and specifications of your boat and decide on the features that you would like, we will then give you a production date and the build will begin. During the building time you are welcome to come and see your boat being built.

Once your boat is complete, we will test it and then when you come to pick it up we will take you out on the water for a handover demo.